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Need a Ride?

New, national program to get seniors rides to vaccination sites via Lyft.

NCOA is partnering with Lyft to provide access to reliable, affordable transportation to older adults who need a ride to get their COVID-19 vaccine. Lyft has provided ride codes with a value of up to $25 each to travel to and from COVID-19 vaccination appointments for both the first and second doses. This effort is part of Lyft’s Universal Vaccine Access campaign, which is mobilizing a coalition of partners to provide access to rides to and from vaccination sites across the country. 

How to use the NCOA-Lyft vaccine ride codes

The Lyft promo codes we’re offering can be used for a roundtrip ride for each dose of the COVID vaccine. Each code below covers up to $50 per round trip ($25 to the vaccine appointment, and $25 back home). There are no location restrictions, and the vaccine ride codes are valid through December 31, 2021.

  • Dose 1 Code (to and from their appointment): SENIORVAX1
  • Dose 2 Code (to and from their appointment): SENIORVAX2

Learn more about how to set up an account and request a ride.

All older adults who use the Lyft codes will be required to follow Lyft’s Health Safety policies, which include staying home if they are sick, wearing a mask, keeping the car and their hands clean, sitting in the back seat, and keeping the car windows open when possible. To help ensure you are well equipped to help your older adult clients, NCOA is hosting a free informational webinar about this offer on Monday, May 24 at 2pm EST to walk through the details. Get the log-in details here.


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