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LMPC Tutoring Program

The Parks & Recreation Department is now offering tutoring at the LMPC.


  • To assist students from elementary to high school who need extra help beyond the classroom.
  • To give more one-on-one and personal time to help students succeed in the classroom.
  • To provide intervention in the form of tutoring and mentoring to address poor or declining student performance before it reaches a point where recovery would be extremely difficult or pose a significant challenge.
  • To provide alternative approaches to conveying concepts for students whose predominant learning styles are not adequately addressed in the classroom.


  • The tutoring program will be held on Mondays from 4pm until 5:30pm in the community room at the Linden Multi-Purpose Center.
  • The tutors are students from Kean University.
  • Tutor and student attendance will be taken every session.
  • The program has started and will be run throughout the school year until final testing begins.
  • This program is free of charge to all Linden resident students.
  • This program will be monitored by recreation leader Rooks Crawford.

Expectations Of Students

  • Participating students commit to attend sessions, to be punctual, reliable and well behaved.
  • Not to miss sessions without notifying the program coordinator well in advance.
  • Students are expected to have their work ready and assignments clearly defined when arriving.
  • For more information contact Rooks Crawford at 908 474 8639.