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How to Use RingCentral or GoToMeeting to Attend City Meetings

How To Connect Using Your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet

  • To participate using your computer’s microphone and/or camera, simply click on the link shown on the website.
  • On the Monday or Tuesday of City Caucus, Conference and Council meetings, clicking on the “Caucus Meeting (Mon 6pm)” or “Conference Meeting (Tues 6pm)” or “Council Meeting (Tues 7pm)” links will immediately take you to the meeting. Before the meeting credentials are finalized, clicking on those links will take you to the City’s website calendar event.
  • On a computer, smartphone or tablet, your device will then get a prompt from the website to either open the application (if it is already installed on your device) or to install the application if it is not already installed on your device.
  • The application will then open and you will be connected to the meeting.
  • When you sign in you may have to wait for the host to allow you to enter. Stay logged in until that happens.

How To Dial In Using Your Phone

  • To participate in virtual meetings by phone, first dial the phone number in the meeting notice.
  • Then, enter the access code found in the meeting notice.


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