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Linden Wins $350,000 Grant to Plant Trees

The City of Linden was awarded $350,000 in New Jersey’s Natural Climate Solutions Grants (NCS) program. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette announced this and other grants on Wednesday to underscore the important role natural resources have in sequestering carbon to meet the Garden State’s greenhouse gas goals.

The City of Linden will plant 540 trees across eight Blue Acres-acquired lots and three City-owned, partially Green Acres-funded parks and lots in the Tremley Point region, including Sgt. A. Wales Memorial Park and Louis Avenue Park. The City will pair this work with a public outreach effort that includes educational signage at each site and a public tree planting event with the community.

“The City of Linden is proud to be a recipient of DEP’s NCS grant program,” said Linden’s Mayor Derek Armstead. “These funds will enable us to plant over 500 trees and install educational signage across several barren Blue Acres-acquired properties and City-owned parks in our Tremley Point region. This project will help reduce the urban heat island effect, help sequester carbon, create wildlife habitat and enhance green space in our Environmental Justice Community.”