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Rhashonna C. Cosby

5th Ward Councilwoman

Elected Official; D-Term Expires 12/31/2022

Upcoming Events

5th Ward Community Meeting

The regularly scheduled 5th Ward Community Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 22 at 7pm. Councilwoman Cosby will provide normal community updates and Mayor Armstead will join me to discuss legalized cannabis and what it means to us here in Linden and other topics that you all are eager to know about.

  • Watch the meeting on YouTube here.
  • Contact Councilwoman Cosby by email at or by phone at (908) 718-7933.
  • Subscribe and log in early to submit questions.​

Career Paths & Higher Education In The New Normal

  • Thursday, June 3rd at 7pm.

Essex County Surrogate Court Discussions & Insights

Annual Community Cookout (We Hope!)

  • Saturday, August 7th from 12pm until 2pm.

All Cancer Awareness

  • Thursday, October 28th at 7pm.

Personal Statement

Thank you for visiting the City’s website. I began my first term in January, 2011. As an elected official, I take pride in representing the interest of the 5th ward residents. I truly enjoy speaking with my neighbors about what concerns them and getting their ideas on ways to enhance our quality of life, youth, and senior programs or neighborhood safety.

I can be reached via email at or talk and text at 9087187933. If you prefer text message (140 characters or less) I have a totally FREE TEXT GROUP Text 07036 to 84483 to receive alerts. For more information and regular updates, visit my Facebook Page.

January 3, 2017 

I am pleased to share my goals as I enter into my third term as the representative from the 5th ward here in Linden.

Continue to increase pedestrian and motorist safety in our ward.
We have made strides in our ward toward increasing the safety of our roadways. It was important to me that we increase safety and slow speeding near our elementary school and senior and disabled housing complex on Dill Ave. We have seen the installation of the city’s first speed hump in this area. Additionally, there are more crosswalks painted near our parks, on Park Ave and Charles St. We also were fortunate to have a flashing stop sign installed at our new four-way stop intersection located at Dill Ave and Adams St. Finally, in 2015 a new sidewalk was installed where there was not one on Mildred Ave, which allows for safe passage for children who walk to and from school. In 2016, we also has a side walk install on Union St to ensure safe pedestrian travels.

Continue working with our community partners and members of the governing body who agree that our community’s children deserve to have structured and meaningful programs that help to prepare them for their futures as well as developing cultural and civic awareness.
In 2014 a study that I lead revealed that there is, indeed a desire for after school programming here in Linden. Working with several members of the community, we are closer than ever, to having programs established in multiple city locations.

Continuing to work with my neighbors to address their quality of life concerns and ensure that we get our fair share of street paving, trees planted and sidewalks repaired.
I will continue to bring fun, educational and cultural programs to the community through community meetings, cultural programs and annual family nights and BBQ events.

Notable initiatives from my first two terms include:

  • Authoring legislation requiring background checks for those working with Linden’s youth.
  • Policy requiring basic skills testing for entry level clerical staff.
  • Policy requiring public advertisement of all employment opportunities.
  • Established the City’s Annual Celebration of Black History
  • Established Recognition of Breast Cancer Survivors
  •  and Linden’s Annual Cancer Awareness Walk
  • Establishing and facilitating a Hooked On Fish Not on Drugs Program for Linden Children
  • Recognition for the City of Linden for our Let’s Move activities to prevent childhood obesity
  • Senior in Motion Van  From Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders

2018 Recap

Our 2019 community meetings are tentatively scheduled as followed:  6:30 pm – 7:30 pm and will be held at the 5th Ward Recreation Center located on John Street.

  • Friday, February 8, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
    Celebrating Black History

All other meetings will be scheduled for Thursdays:  April 18, June 13, August 15, October, 17.

These dates are set aside to bring community information, answer any questions or concerns that you have and your feedback is welcome. Children are always welcomed to attend.

Here are some of the topics that were covered in our 2018 community meetings based on the feedback from the 2017 resident survey.  General Health and Wellness, Higher Education – Financial aid, Insurance- Health and End of Life Insurance. You are welcome to suggest any topic that you would like to have presented to the community just send me an email or call me at 908-718-7933. I will be vigilant in my efforts in 2019 to bring the types of information that our neighbors are interested in to our community.

New Community Initiatives from 2018

  • Partnership with the Board of Health for a monthly wellness series that was aimed at bringing awareness to common health issues, cancer, autism, heart health and more.
  • Securing a 250 thousand dollar grant for Linden After School Programs  Partnering with NJ After-School All-Stars and Board of Education. Starting in January 2019

2018 Sponsored Resolutions

  • 2018 Neighbor of the Year – Natasha Sudansky
  • Resolution Opposing Assembly Bill A3754 – Exemption for hair braider education
  • Resolution Supporting Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense
  • Resolution Honoring Breast Cancer Survivors Aidia St. John and Joan Colucci
  • Resolution Honoring Atiya Perkins for Black History Month
  • Resolution Honoring Angel Padilla – For Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Ordinance requiring certain overnight businesses provide security
  • Resolution to save the Sea Grant education funding

I am committed to continuing to communicate via email and I will always visit with any of you at a mutually agreeable time to hear your concerns/ideas for the ward and get your feedback.
In 2019 my goals will be;

  1. To continue to enhance and improve the road safety of our pedestrians and motorist. I have requested again to add Fay Ave and Caroline Ave to their list to be studied for speed humps. These areas in our ward are near parks and schools and I have asked that priority status is given for the studies. I have also set into motion a joint effort the city of Linden and the Borough of Roselle to make a plea to the State to install a  red light at 1600 E. St. Georges Ave to prevent future fatalities.
  2. Work with the Mayor to have the police department bring a greater presence of police officers to our ward and have more community police outreach city-wide.
  3. Work optimistically with our new City Engineer and state officials to try to secure the much-needed funding to have the necessary work done in our city specifically related to the flood basin that is Iozzi Park on Dill Ave.  Having the work performed will benefit residents in certain sections of the ward which are newly designated flood zones created by the army core of engineers.  
  4. Seek partnerships with the private sector and non-profits to expand our community programming for youth and senior residents.

I will continue to request tree planting on our naked streets, work with the city departments to ensure that our ward gets all the services that we are entitled and be your voice at city hall.


Sponsored by Councilwoman Rhashonna C. Cosby

Happy New Year:

The 2019 5th Ward Community meetings have been scheduled and it would be great to see you at the meetings!

These meetings are set to bring our community information, answer questions and concerns, and to receive feedback. Everyone including children are welcomed to attend.

The community meetings are scheduled to take place at the 5th Ward Recreation Center located on John Street, at 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm on Thursdays;

  • February 8th (Celebrating Black History Month)
  • April 18th (Family Fun Night) – CANCELLED
  • June 13th (Financial Wellness) – CANCELLED
  • August 15th (Immunization Awareness)
  • October 17th (Hispanic Heritage Celebration)

Here are some of the topics that were covered in our 2018 community meetings based on the feedback from the 2017 resident survey.  General Health and Wellness, Higher Education – Financial aid, Insurance- Health and End of Life Insurance.

You are welcome to suggest any topic that you would like to have presented to the community by emailing or calling me. Get free text message alerts by texting 07036 to 84483.