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Free Rabies Vaccination Clinics

This event has ended

Mayor Derek Armstead, the City of Linden and the Linden Health Department are pleased to provide free Rabies Vaccination Clinics. New and renewal pet licensing services will also be available. Per City ordinances, all dogs in Linden must be licensed, and anyone found to have an unlicensed dog in the City is subject to summons to Municipal Court. The annual fee for a dog license is $10 for a spayed/neutered dog, and $13 for a dog that has not been spayed/neutered. In order to be issued a license, the dog owner must provide written proof of a rabies vaccination that is valid for at least 10 months of the licensing year. All Linden residents with dogs that need a vaccination and/or a new or renewed dog license are encouraged to take advantage of these free clinics.

*For safety, all dogs must be leashed and all cats must be in carriers*

  • Who: Open to all New Jersey residents. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. License Reminder Notice or photo ID is required.
  • What: Free rabies vaccinations. There will also be staff from the City Clerk’s office present to provide licensing services for both new and renewal dog licenses. Board of Health Outreach staff will be on hand with health information and giveaways. For the convenience of Linden residents, the City recently extended the start and end dates of the dog licensing year. Up until now, dog licenses were valid from April 1 through March 31. Starting with the 2024 licensing year, dog licenses are now valid from June 1 through May 31 each year. By changing the licensing dates to June 1 through May 31 of each year, Linden residents that vaccinate their dogs at the free clinics in May can renew their dog licenses on time, and these vaccinations will be valid for up to 3 full dog licensing years. 
  • When & Where:
    • Saturday, May 4, from 10am until 2pm, at Fire House #2, 302 West St. Georges Avenue.
    • Monday, May 6, from 4pm until 8pm, at Fire House #3, which is located at 1205 East Elizabeth Avenue.
    • Tuesday, May 14, from 5pm until 8pm, at at Fire House #1, which is located at 302 South Wood Avenue.
  • How: Free clinic. If there are any questions about the rabies vaccine and/or the free clinics, please call the Board of Health at 908-474-8409, or email here. If there are any questions about dog licensing, please call the City Clerk’s office at 908-474-8406. All current 2023 dog licenses can be renewed up until June 30, 2024 without incurring a late fee. All 2023 dog licenses that are renewed on July 1, 2024 or later will incur a $5 late fee.
  • Click here to view and/or download the Free Rabies Vaccination Clinics flyer.