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Board of Health

The Linden Health Department operates under the authority of the Linden Board of Health, which is an autonomous governing body. The Board of Health is comprised of seven Linden residents, each of who are appointed by the Linden City Council

The Board of Health supports the mission of the Linden Health Department by enacting policies that promote the improvement of public health, passing ordinances that protect public health, and approving an annual budget based on the recommendations of the Health Officer and available funds as allocated by the City of Linden. 

The Linden Board of Health holds regular monthly meetings (4th Tuesday) to review the Linden Health Department’s monthly activities and anticipated needs. Click here to see all the scheduled upcoming Board of Health meetings. Upcoming meeting information is also posted at City Hall, and is posted at the Linden Health Department.

“The Board of Health shall have the power and authority to adopt ordinances relating to the protection of the health of City resident, shall employee and have under its jurisdiction the Health Officer and other such other employees as are necessary.